Old Norse Dictionary - sam-neyta

Meaning of Old Norse word "sam-neyta" in English.

As defined by the Cleasby & Vigfusson Old Norse to English dictionary:

t; s. e-m, to sit at table, have intercourse with, Mar., K. Á. 222, 224, 228, Fms. i. 272; hvárigir vildu öðrum s. Kristnir menn eða heiðnir, Bs. i. 41; s. bannsettum mönnum, 490; s. við e-n, id., 489.

Possible runic inscription in Younger Futhark:ᛋᛅᛘ-ᚾᛁᚢᛏᛅ
Younger Futhark runes were used from 8th to 12th centuries in Scandinavia and their overseas settlements

Abbreviations used:

idem, referring to the passage quoted or to the translation

Works & Authors cited:

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