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Meaning of Old Norse word "elskr" in English.

As defined by the Cleasby & Vigfusson Old Norse to English dictionary:

adj., in the phrase, e. at e-m, fondly attached to one, fond of one, of the attachment of children, or to children; hann var elskr at Agli, he loved the boy Egil, Eg. 187; Egill (the father) unni honum mikit, var Böðvarr (the child) ok e. at honum, 599: also used of animals, ok svá elskir hvarr at öðrum, at hvárr rann eptir öðrum, two steeds that never left one another, Nj. 81; hann (the ox) er mjök elskr at mér, Fms. iii. 132; hence mann-elskr, of pet lambs or tamed animals (but never used of cats, dogs, or animals that are constant companions of man); heima-e., home-loving, one who never leaves the hearth, Fs. 4.

Possible runic inscription in Younger Futhark:ᛁᛚᛋᚴᚱ
Younger Futhark runes were used from 8th to 12th centuries in Scandinavia and their overseas settlements

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