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Meaning of Old Norse word "af-vinna" in English.

As defined by the Cleasby & Vigfusson Old Norse to English dictionary:

u, f. encumbrance, due, fees, outgoings, = afskyld. Freq. in deeds of gift. e. g. D. I. i. 203, 266; þá lágu öngar gjafir til staðarins, en a. varð öngu minni, then no gifts came in to the see, but the outlay was in nothing less, D. I.I.)">Bs. i. 84; þá görðust fjárhagir úhægir í Skálaholti, urðu afvinnur miklar (great outgoings) en tillög (incomings) eingin, D. I.I.)">Bs. i. 99.

Possible runic inscription in Younger Futhark:ᛅᚠ-ᚢᛁᚾᚾᛅ
Younger Futhark runes were used from 8th to 12th centuries in Scandinavia and their overseas settlements

Abbreviations used:

e. g.
exempli gratia.

Works & Authors cited:

Biskupa Sögur. (D. III.)
D. I.
Diplomatarium Islandicum. (J. I.)
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